Who are we?

  • We are an ideas driven, committed organization where we pride on providing out of the box solutions
  • Launched in 2005, but were in backend for some major brands and digital firms only till date
  • Started services on our own – in short entrepreneurial got into our veins
  • We may sound fairly new but are backed by India’s leading social media personalities
  • Trust us to make your brand a success in online digital world.

What we do?

Using the famous Fish! Philosophy we can say that —

Bright Hues is an innovative and accountable organization where a playful, attentive and engaging attitude leads to productivity, creativity and more energy, enthusiasm for our partners.

How are we different?

We can assure you that we follow the concepts of Fish! Philosophy — Be There, Play, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude — to make working with us a pleasant and memorable experience for our clients!!

It is important today to believe that we should not settle for anything less than doing what we love. And we at Bright Hues firmly believe in following that adage.

Can we really bring significance?

Bright Hues represents opportunities to make your brand shine Bright in multi Hues.

In real world there are situations which prevent us from chasing the perfect, ideal solution to a problem.

So, we will be helping you dig out all that source of energy (Work Out – Work In), creativity (Bono and 6 hats) and passion (take Covey’s word for it)… that exists inside each of us, by involvement of all the stakeholders, and provide you with solutions which could be implemented easily and will make your profits soar.